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Our Philosophy


What if we treated people the way we wanted to be treated? What if instead of saying our clients come first, our clients actually did come first?

At Lyons Lederer, LLC, this is exactly what we aspire to achieve. We partner with intelligent, skilled and experienced employer representatives and claims professionals and craft defense strategies we are proud to execute. We are zealous advocates of professional and ethical distinction. We maintain balanced lives, enjoying time with our spouses and children. And dogs.

We keep in mind why we do what we do.

At Lyons Lederer, LLC, we recognize that our reputation matters. We have a responsibility to carry on the traditions and values imparted to us by the generations who came before.

We come from good stock. We were blessed with good names. We’ve not only built the kind of law firm where we enjoy working, we’ve created one that carries on the tradition of hundreds of years of Lyonses and Lederers.

We created a law firm on which we’re proud to put our names.