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Loss Prevention  

We help clients manage workplace injury claims before legal disputes arise.  With our advice, clients mitigate losses in complex claims and reduce the overall risks of litigation.  We help minimize risk for our clients by providing them sound legal advice, drafting legal documents, and helping to develop medical evidence to facilitate claim processing.

Dispute Resolution

When disputes arise, we understand our clients want cost-effective and creative solutions.  Our attorneys are diligent to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently, minimizing exposure to ongoing claim costs and legal fees.  The excellent reputation of our attorneys among mediators and opposing counsel facilitates favorable settlements for our clients. 


If litigation is necessary, we are prepared.  Our litigation team has over 50 years of experience defending the rights of employers, insurers, and third-party administrators whom we defend before the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Board’s Hearings Division, and the Workers’ Compensation Division.  We tailor our litigation strategy to the case at hand, reducing our clients’ exposure for claim-related costs, penalties, attorney fees, and legal expenses.  We consider every step of litigation, from the initial evaluation through a final decision, as an opportunity to strengthen our clients’ legal positions and achieve their desired results.


We understand that litigation does not always end after an initial decision, and we continue to protect clients’ rights and interests before the Workers’ Compensation Board, Oregon Court of Appeals, and the Oregon Supreme Court.  As one of only a handful of workers’ compensation defense firms to have specialized full-time appellate counsel, we have the experience and expertise necessary to defend our clients’ interests throughout the appellate process.


Reducing claim costs and preventing legal disputes starts with education.  Our firm offers free, on-site educational seminars to self-insured employers, insurers, third-party administrators, and industry associations.  Common topics include loss-prevention, best-practices, and the application of current statutes and administrative rules.  We also can provide customized seminars covering any workers’ compensation topic.  Our seminars qualify for continuing education credits necessary to retain claims examiner certification.